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Mon, Dec. 26th, 2005, 01:05 pm
sbilokonsky: where has the time gone?????

nauci is 13 going on 14....damn where did the time go...god i have lost out on so much with my kids..jaymi sent me a pic of her in her grad dress for middle school...early gift combined it with christmas...she got it yesterday while i was speaking to her on the phone..how ironic...but in the states the postmaster runs...is he on crack??
anyway here are the pics
on jaymi's server
nauci elise
nauci elise take 2

yes quick snapshots..she told me there should have been black underneath..i am thinking maybe i should tell her to sew a couple of black hearts on the dress....anyway my baby girl is growing up...
she got eyeliner for christmas...OMG..i know i know....makeup wearing now..but i just still remember my baby girl that i would just cuddle on the rocking chair with...damn i miss my kids