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Sun, Sep. 4th, 2005, 01:59 am
sbilokonsky: books for comfort----and overflow of school children

well my kids schools are getting the overflow...they are in kemah..which is at the bay south of houston...oh and jaymi (my kids step mum) is doing a wonderful thing..she is doing a book drive for reading books, crayons and coloring books...if you want to help out you can contact her via yahoo im under jaymiof6----she can give you more details...currently she has a couple of authors that are donating books---so she feels pretty good--she has had people write her checks, which in turn she is using to buy christian supplies such as bibles and so forth---she feels that even thou she is not a certain faith--other people do have faith and they have lost their bibles...i think it is a great thing that she is doing...
here is also a weblink for more information--this is from the site she owns/maintains