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Mon, Aug. 1st, 2005, 10:53 am
rebelhousewife: New here.

Hi, I am Trisha mommy of 4. Here is my story. Last Feb. my daughters father made some FALSE allegations agains Joe stating Joe had sodomized her. In May we had court and the comissioner sided with us and kept her in my custody. June came and her father had her for two weeks. On the day she was to return home he took her to the police station and had her placed in CPS, stating Joe had sodomized her. Three days later we went to court and DFS put her in her Father's custody pending the outcome of the case. We went to see a therapist, underwent sexual evaluations, did everything we were supposed to. Everyone including our SSI worker believed it was all a lie. They wanted Shianne with me. BUT on August 3 my daughters father went before the judge...not the comissioner...and had him sign custody over to her father. There was and still is no parenting plan and her father has the right to move freely where ever he wants as he is in the AF. My lawyer tried to get a court date to get the judges decree overturned but the same judge that did it, refuse to allow the court date. Up until July I had not seen my daughter since Sept. Her father only lets me talk to her 1 time a month on average despite I call everyday. They have told her horrible things about me and Joe, such as "Your mother does not love you." and that "Joe hurts you and is a horrible man." They even went so far as to tell her that when I was pregnant with Seth that, "Your mothers baby is going to die in the belly b/c she is a bad mom." The only reason I get to see Shi now is b/c her step-mom had a m/c and came to MO to be close to her mom. She goes back on Aug. 3rd. We will be going to court next month and trying to get her back. Her step-mother told me she knows Joe did not do anything to Shianne, yet she testified against him. Her Father is going to be served papers this week for a new hearing in which my lawyer and I will try like hell to get Shianne back home with me. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself.

Wed, Aug. 3rd, 2005 11:27 am (UTC)
facinglife: Kids

Sorry to hear of your troubles. Please do let us know how you make out. In the meantime my thoughts are with you...
Life is hard enough without any extra burdens to carry around..

Thu, Aug. 4th, 2005 06:18 am (UTC)
rebelhousewife: Re: Kids

TY, for your support. I am suppose to get to see her tomorrow but with her "father" getting served I have a feeling he will not allow it. I just can not wait for my day in court. TY, again.

Sun, Sep. 11th, 2005 12:50 pm (UTC)

My ex has been suing me off and on for three years for sole custody of my son (age 7.) The court is not looking at his medical history of brain damage to the part of the brain where he cannot control violent impulses, his abuse, suicidal and homicidal tendencies, drug use (shall I go on?) They did an "investigation" and said my little one bedroom apartment (I am a single, disabled mother - what do they expect?) is too small and unacceptable for a child to live in. I think I know which way they are going to rule. We have been fighting this for three years, and so far have had 50% disability, with practically everything in his favor.

I am about to make this a major advocacy issue. Because your case sounds similar (child taken away with false charges, yet the father still gets the child, despite what HE is doing to harm the child) maybe we can help each other out? I am trying to get as many mothers together going through what we go through so we can make some NOISE! What state are you in? I am in Calif.