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Sat, Sep. 18th, 2010, 09:55 pm
evagleason426: hot


Fri, Mar. 3rd, 2006, 01:02 am
sbilokonsky: (no subject)

hi everyone...i have been out of sorts on this community...i am sorry...life you know...
first of all..i notice more members...welcome...i know i am a little late to say hello...we may not comment all the time..but that is okay because sometimes you just need a place to vent..

one of our members had a child die just recently...i wish her nothing but prayers and thoughts...she has also been struggling...

i just found out also that my son is going to be in a mental hospital for the next year..we ( his stepmum and dad and i) are just waiting for more information on the hospital...

life is a struggle but we are extremely strong people

Mon, Dec. 26th, 2005, 01:05 pm
sbilokonsky: where has the time gone?????

nauci is 13 going on 14....damn where did the time go...god i have lost out on so much with my kids..jaymi sent me a pic of her in her grad dress for middle school...early gift combined it with christmas...she got it yesterday while i was speaking to her on the phone..how ironic...but in the states the postmaster runs...is he on crack??
anyway here are the pics
on jaymi's server
nauci elise
nauci elise take 2

yes quick snapshots..she told me there should have been black underneath..i am thinking maybe i should tell her to sew a couple of black hearts on the dress....anyway my baby girl is growing up...
she got eyeliner for christmas...OMG..i know i know....makeup wearing now..but i just still remember my baby girl that i would just cuddle on the rocking chair with...damn i miss my kids

Sun, Sep. 11th, 2005, 05:52 am
altaeruditas: New Member

My son is 7 years old; I am 34. He is an only child, and I am not able to have another. I was told I should not have been able to have him. :)

I was never seperated from my child - not once, ever for the first four years of his life. His father would leave for months on end, and I wouldn't know where he was and he wouldn't contact me. I would not divorce him because as a child who had divorced parents I swore I wouldn't get divorced, that a bad marriage with both parents is better than a child growing up in a broken home. Everything I did NOT want for my child has come true - my worst nightmares.

I was 27 when I had my son. I have spent my life as the oldest of 6 kids babysitting, and babysitting other people's children. When I got to the point where I loved spending every moment of everyday with children without frustration, I knew I was ready to be a mother myself. When my son was born, I did not need his father. I was able to support and take care of myself - but what mattered to me was for my child to have a relationship with his father. Even when his father rejected him, and me, as his family. Somehow he always came back.

In 2000, while in Australia, my exhusband was in a car accident that gave him brain damage, which was in the area of the pain where he cannot control violent impulses. The doctors said I should divorce him, but I was stubborn. They warned me he would never be the same. I thought I could handle it.

In 2002, he met a woman who told me she would steal my husband and my child, and made it a point to say she hated children, and even had her tubes tied because she didn't want to get fat. She has been heard to say that stealing another woman's child is smarter. When I asked her why she would even want to steal a husband and child, she said, "because I can." They have both told me they will drive me to suicide, and make sure that SHE will be my son's child, and not me. She even told my son she was his biological mother when he was 5 until he was confused of who his real son was.

I had never been seperated from my child, ever, not even for a babysitter until he was four and his father went to live with this woman he married as soon as the divorce was final. I was left homeless. I have been living in a one bedroom subsidized apartment - that is very nice, though small - more comfy feeling than anything else - which the court said just Friday was "too small to be acceptable to raise a child in." The mediator had come to my house on a surprise inspection. She said I should sell my possessions, and move to a two bedroom apartment in the city my ex lives in. I have been driving my son to this city 10 miles a day to go to a school one block from my ex's house - they have a two bedroom town house. I have depression, with anxiety and PTSD from the abuse of my husband. My son suffers also from PTSD and nightmares. We have both been in therapy and completed it. All they look at is my diagnosis and what medication I am on - and do not even consider anything about his medical condition since he has not been under a doctor's care since we seperated (though he needs to be constantly.)

Right now we have 50% custody, one week with me, one week with his dad. So far it was worked out the best, but his dad wants MORE. He wants it all. My son and I are VERY close, and I can't believe they would take a child from his mother like this. I cannot get used to him leaving me to go to his dad's - and I cry everytime he leaves. I am always left with a feeling of unease, like he is in danger, and I constantly worry about him. My ex and his wife won't leave me alone - no matter what I do or go with my son, they always seem to be there. Everytime I take him to school or pick him up, at every function he goes to for school, and when I enrolled him in Cub Scouts they became his Den Leaders! They say "they are involved parents." I say it is harrassment - for both me and my son. My ex's wife makes my son call her "mommy" and forces him to give her hugs and kisses in front of me, even when he does not want to. They shave his head everytime I do something that makes them mad. Once they even spiked his hair and dyed it green.

What is wrong with the court system? I have been reading these posts, and it REALLY seems like mothers are being discriminated against. We can do something if we can just get together (in the United States) and make some noise. There are sure to advocacy programs out there - but if this is the way it is in our country, we need to do something to change the laws! This is unreal! And it is wrong!

Sun, Sep. 4th, 2005, 01:59 am
sbilokonsky: books for comfort----and overflow of school children

well my kids schools are getting the overflow...they are in kemah..which is at the bay south of houston...oh and jaymi (my kids step mum) is doing a wonderful thing..she is doing a book drive for reading books, crayons and coloring books...if you want to help out you can contact her via yahoo im under jaymiof6----she can give you more details...currently she has a couple of authors that are donating books---so she feels pretty good--she has had people write her checks, which in turn she is using to buy christian supplies such as bibles and so forth---she feels that even thou she is not a certain faith--other people do have faith and they have lost their bibles...i think it is a great thing that she is doing...
here is also a weblink for more information--this is from the site she owns/maintains


Tue, Aug. 16th, 2005, 05:18 am
harleygirlsd: (no subject)


My daughter's personal effects arrived at the house today. She enlisted in the Navy. She's gone. I feel so weird, like I want to puke - but at the same time, I want to celebrate because I am so PROUD of the smart decision she made in enlisting.

I'm confused.

Mon, Aug. 1st, 2005, 10:53 am
rebelhousewife: New here.

Hi, I am Trisha mommy of 4. Here is my story. Last Feb. my daughters father made some FALSE allegations agains Joe stating Joe had sodomized her. In May we had court and the comissioner sided with us and kept her in my custody. June came and her father had her for two weeks. On the day she was to return home he took her to the police station and had her placed in CPS, stating Joe had sodomized her. Three days later we went to court and DFS put her in her Father's custody pending the outcome of the case. We went to see a therapist, underwent sexual evaluations, did everything we were supposed to. Everyone including our SSI worker believed it was all a lie. They wanted Shianne with me. BUT on August 3 my daughters father went before the judge...not the comissioner...and had him sign custody over to her father. There was and still is no parenting plan and her father has the right to move freely where ever he wants as he is in the AF. My lawyer tried to get a court date to get the judges decree overturned but the same judge that did it, refuse to allow the court date. Up until July I had not seen my daughter since Sept. Her father only lets me talk to her 1 time a month on average despite I call everyday. They have told her horrible things about me and Joe, such as "Your mother does not love you." and that "Joe hurts you and is a horrible man." They even went so far as to tell her that when I was pregnant with Seth that, "Your mothers baby is going to die in the belly b/c she is a bad mom." The only reason I get to see Shi now is b/c her step-mom had a m/c and came to MO to be close to her mom. She goes back on Aug. 3rd. We will be going to court next month and trying to get her back. Her step-mother told me she knows Joe did not do anything to Shianne, yet she testified against him. Her Father is going to be served papers this week for a new hearing in which my lawyer and I will try like hell to get Shianne back home with me. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself.

Thu, Jul. 28th, 2005, 12:02 am
sbilokonsky: (no subject)

it is coming to the end of my time with my kids...it feels really strange but at the same time...i realized that i have bonded more with my son this trip than i have in a long time...i also learned that i am a mother of a teenage daughter that i can actually speak too. i am getting really sad i am leaving..really sad..but at the same time i will be happy that in a week i will be back with my honey and my 4 legged son. i have been away from germany since may 19th...but i hate leaving the kids everytime..i get confused and everything else..bittersweet i guess....

Sun, Jul. 24th, 2005, 01:34 am
sbilokonsky: daughter modeling

an inch more and we could get her on the runway---we tell her all the time she is our model--we are going to retire when she becomes the supermodel--her response okay sign me up...
posing like she is getting ready for the runway.. Collapse )

these are the times where i really look back and see what i have missed...and what the future holds....she is my baby girl--growing up--i am so going to miss my kids when i leave less than a week..

Tue, Jul. 19th, 2005, 11:03 am
sbilokonsky: attention members

i just want to tell all members i am thinking about them--lots of hugs to everyone--sorry i have been busy and missed some posts

welcome to all members

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